Peugeot Prologue Concept

September 17, 2008

Peugeot has announced that it will reveal the new Prologue Concept at the 2008 Paris International Motor Show next month.

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Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Hybrid

September 15, 2008

Peugeot Sport has presented its new race car, the 908 HDi FAP, at the final round of the 2008 Le Mans Series at Silverstone, this weekend. The 908 HDi FAP is equipped with a hybrid power plant featuring a kinetic energy recovery system.

The 908 HDi FAP’s “HY” technology allows a proportion of the kinetic energy produced under braking to be either recovered or stored. With this, the 908 HY efficiency could be improved where with the combination of the stored mechanical energy and the energy produced by the internal combustion engine, the performance could be enhanced with no increase in the amount of energy consumed. Apart from that, the stored mechanical energy could reduce the fuel consumption but still getting the same level of performance.

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Peugeot Citadine Concept

September 2, 2008

The Peugeot Citadine Concept was one of the designs submitted for the Peugeot Design Contest 2008 but didn’t make it to the first 30. The Citadine is a four-seater concept car that uses strong carbon fiber reinforced polyester instead of the traditional steel chassis for the body.

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Peugeot “RC…” Concept Teasers

August 20, 2008

Peugeot will present its new concept car at the 2008 Paris Motor Show known only as the “RC…” where the full name will only be unveiled at the motor show.

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