ASI Bentley Continental Flying Spur Bodykit

September 11, 2008

ASI (Accuracy.Spirit.Imagination), Japanese car tuner, has released its appearance upgrade kit for the Bentley Continental Flying Spur after a year of development.

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Wald Nissan GT-R R35 Sports Line Update

September 9, 2008

Wald International has updated its Nissan GT-R R35 Sports Line details with new images of the interior.

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Jeremie Paret Lamborghini Gallardo LP560

September 7, 2008

Jeremie Paret, the former Editor in Chief of French Modify magazine about luxury tuned cars, has revealed his first project involving the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560. After graduating with a BTS (French diploma) in Mechanical and Conception and joined Modify magazine as the Editor in Chief, he then quit to develop “International Automotive Business” after 2 years.

The Jeremie Paret Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 was developed through a Virtual Tuning process before being made in real to allow customer to see how the car will look like. A private weblog is also offered to customer to allow them to follow the car tuning progress.

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RENNtech Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG

September 6, 2008

Apart from BRABUS, RENNtech has released its own version of upgrade package for the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG which comes in two versions, ECU1 produces 475 hp and 465 lb-ft while the ECU2 offers 548 hp and 510 lb-ft of maximum torque from the 6.2-liter V8 engine.

To achieve the 548 horses, RENNtech equipped the C 63 AMG with RENNtech stainless steel long tube headers and new, track-oriented sound/performance pipes. The top speed has also increased to 187 mph.

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BRABUS B63 S Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG

September 6, 2008

BRABUS, Mercedes-Benz car tuning specialist, has released the BRABUS B63 S performance kit for the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG that improves the output from the 6.2-liter V8 engine by 73 hp (53.7 kW).

The BRABUS B63 S Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG is equipped with free-flow high-performance metal catalysts, sport air filters and newly programmed engine electronics with custom mapping for ignition and injection to produce 530 hp (390 kW) from the standard 457 hp (336 kW) and a maximum torque of 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) from 600 Nm (442 kW).

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IMSA Tuning Audi RS6

September 2, 2008

IMSA Tuning, car tuner from Germany, has released its performance package for the Audi RS6 joining the other car tuner such as MTM, ABT Sportsline, B&B and Kicherer.

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